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"...you have to look at plastic production to solve the crisis — including the extraction of fossil fuels and the toxic chemical additives."

IPEN Co-Chair Dr. Tadesse Amera, commenting to the Associated Press at the start of the Plastics Treaty INC-2 in Paris, 29 May, 2023.

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Tadesse Amera on CNN

IPEN Co-Chair Dr. Tadesse Amera joins CNN’s One World with Zain Asher from the Plastics Treaty INC-2 talks to explain the need for a global agreement that protects human health and the environment from chemicals in plastics.

Plastics Treaty Resources

The Plastics Treaty negotiations are scheduled to continue through 2024, with regular sessions of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC).

For each negotiating session, IPEN develops policy documents on the meeting agenda and emerging issues, as well as briefing papers, reports, and other materials.

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Chemical Recycling Report News Conference

IPEN Technical Advisor Lee Bell with Beyond Plastics President Judith Enck and Jennifer Congdon, deputy director of Beyond Plastics speak to the media on the release of their new report exposing the realties around plastic chemical recycling.

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